Smashlee Stitches Sunday Febuary 10, 2013 – Napping and Knitting

I think all knitters ( and crocheters) have this dream of  being sick in bed for a few days and being told they must only do relaxing activities. In this fantasy, we will effortlessly complete numerous projects and are  painlessly nursed back to health by our knitting and daytime tv watching.  I , as a knitter, used to want this. For example, lets say I broke my leg then I physically could not get out of bed. Mr. Smashlee would  then take care of the mini, the dishes, the cooking ,the laundry and I would be left with the remote, and my knitting. I could work from my bed and my every need would be tended to.

Now, I  have never broken a bone so, I can’t speak from experience but, I’m going to go out on a” limb ” and say if I ever did break my leg, this is not how it would be.  And the reason I say ” I use to want this” is because, well, these past few weeks (especially this last one) I feel just plain icky. In my mind, when I am under the weather, that meant laying on the couch and just kntting. But, this thing happens when you feel sick and have a mini running around, You’re tired and you’re cranky, and you’re watching toddler shows. The last thing I want to do is pick up my needles. It seems like it would exert too much energy and I would then not be able to focus on the new episode of ” Handy Manny” Plus, I still have to  feed and water the munchkin, so laying on the couch doesn’t nearly happen as much or a long as I want it to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter to pieces but, on the days when the Mr. is gone for 14 hours and all I want to do is sleep, being a parent is hard and the knitting is then put away . So basically, while the fantasy of being ill and lying in bed knitting might still be there a little bit, the reality is much much different.

Here’s what I did  manage to accomplish this past few weeks… which under the circumstances its actually quite a lot.

Some child panda slippers
Some child panda slippers
pink and purple mukluks
Baby Smuggs
Baby Smuggs
Zebra Baby Hat
Zebra Baby Hat
Gingerbread Stocking
Gingerbread Stocking
Skull toddler booties
Skull toddler booties

And guess what else? I also managed to  make some progress on the bucket list. Mostly because my current goals don’t involve much moving.

If you recall from my last post, I am working on

Goal #3 Get Rid of Yarn Stash  and Goal #40 (Using Ravelry on a regular basis)

I have managed to get all of my yarn stash recorded on to Ravelry .  

And as promised my total yardage for the stash is 59,483 .  Or to put in easier terms…178,449 feet, or 54ish Kilometers or 33ish miles.

Not nearly as bad as I thought.  So, now that I know what I’m dealing with, I will still only be buying yarn is absolutely needed for a project. And  each week I will be adding my current yardage to my bucket list post to keep everyone up to date on my progress. The eventual goal is to get down to next to nothing and either start the stash over or only keep the essentials on hand . This would mean I can frequently have the yarn shopping high without the guilt.

Goal 40 has also been going great. And I am happy to say it’s official I am addicted to RavelryI only have one more week to go on this one and then my 21 days are complete and then it can be checked off the list! Yay! I will ( hopefully) be posting next week my summary on Raverly and what  I love and don’t love about the site!

So basically.this is what I have been up too in my Smashlee world. My hope is I can finish my current order list over the next two weeks and then maybe take a little break  if I’m still not feeling so hot! But, with a little wishing and a lot of napping I might be okay.

Speaking of nap  I think it’s time to put the laptop away and crawl into bed.

So as always. Thank you for reading!!!


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