Smashlee Stitches Sunday January 27, 2013 – Ravelry, Audiobooks & Yarn Stashes

I’ve been thinking about writing this post since Friday. I’ve been pretty excited about it! It’s not that anything major has really happened but, last week I renewed my faith in my self. Smashlee Stitches , this blog and the knitting bucket list. If you recall, last week I was a little disorganized. I was still recovering from Christmas and “taking it easy” but, with orders due and more coming in daily, I found myself retreating instead of being productive. This was depressing me and so, I decided to take some action and get organized. After last Sunday, I had the motivation but, not knowing where to start, I was feeling stumped and my motivation was fading fast.

That’s when Mr.Smashlee saved the day. We are big audio book people and one of us will often listen to a book, love it and then encourage ( or sometimes force ) the other to listen to it. Any way, Mr. Smashlee came home from work raving about the latest book he had downloaded and how I need to listen to it. He doesn’t often suggest books for our “book club” so, I was intrigued about what he was so worked up about. So, the next day while knitting, I started listening to the book. It was called ” Uncertanity: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance” by Jonathan Fields

It’s all about the creative mind and dealing with issues like organization of time, doubting yourself, judgment and criticism by others of your craft and how to deal with this, making mosts of your creative time and so much more. Let’s just say, it is exactly what I needed to hear.

It talks about working on whatever your art form is for only 90 minutes at time instead of just going all out and over working yourself. It encourages taking breaks because, the one things creative people need most is time away from being creative. That’s when we come up with our best, most brilliant work. I have put this into practice over the last week, doing three of these sessions a day at my peak energy times. Durning these 90 minute periods I put on an audiobook, grab my knitting and just knit for an hour and half straight. I don’t check Facebook, or emails and I don’t answer the phone , I just knit. In between these bursts , I am playing with mini-smashlee, cleaning, cooking, and basically just being a wife and Mommy. And although, before I did all these things before I always felt that with each task I wasn’t accomplishing my best work or I could be doing something else. With this new way of thinking about my day, I have no guilt what so ever. When I work , I know I am being efficient and when I play , I know I am fully present in the moment.

I wouldn’t say I necessary accomplished more knitting ( as you will see) but, I do feel better about what I did knit. I also was able to accomplish things like working on my bucket list items, and starting to re-vamp my Etsy shop and facebook page.

So, let’s start off Smashlee Stitches Sunday by talking about that bucket list. October/November was really the last time I worked hard at any of my goals. You can check out what I was suppose to be doing here and any of my bucket list posts in my archive

So let’s start with the first goal I set out to achieve……

Goal #3 Get Rid of Yarn Stash

I am proud to say that step one (organize the stash), is done!


That right there is every ball of yarn that I own all put neatly on my self. And if you have been paying attention you will notice there’s a fair amount of yarn missing…well, that’s because It has been knit up. See what I mean about a busy December? So I would say step number 3. (Use it up, and delete stash entries on raverly as required.) is well on its way. I am on track for my deadline of September 20, 2014.

This next week I will adding the stash to Ravelry ( which is step number 2.) and I will report back next week with the exact yardage of all those balls of yarn.

Goal #40 (Using Ravelry on a regular basis) is going quite well.

I am on the 7th day of my 21 days of using Ravelry consistently, and I am showing no signs of breaking this trend. I have revised my daily Ravelry to do list a bit though.

Instead of following a person or joining a group daily, I am now doing this weekly. I contribute to any posts in forums I find relevant but, this isn’t every day. I have however, discovered the “favourite” button for patterns and I am using this daily. It’s so inspirational seeing what everyone else is knitting and all the patterns that are out there. I will be starting tomorrow with updating my stash and so far, I have been pretty good with updating my projects.

There wasn’t really a deadline for this goal, or even a definite decision on when I can cross this one off the list but, I think unofficially it’s 21 days from when I started the daily practice of Ravelry. So, let’s make this deadline Febuary 17, 2013.

As for the other two goals on the list…

#66. finish my art course and Goal #72 Finish my Cousin’s Blanket!

I have let to conquer these ones as much as the previous two goals However, I have been creating an art area in my bedroom/office that is just begging me to pick up a pencil and start drawing. I have feeling next week, I will have started on progressing these two goals a little bit farther.

Now, that bring us to what exactly was I knitting this week. It doesn’t look like a lot but, trust me when I say I feel very accomplished this week.

These are toddler sized Smuggs.  Super cute.. I have to hide them from my mini!!
These are toddler sized Smuggs ( notice the new name). Super cute.. I have to hide them from my mini!!
These are my works in progress... a vest which will probably be finished on monday.. and two pairs of slippers a panda pair and a pink skull pair, both waiting for night shifts to be over so Mr. Smashlee can put his final touches on them.
These are my works in progress… a vest which will probably be finished on Monday. and two pairs of slippers (a panda pair and a pink skull pair) both waiting for night shifts to be over so Mr. Smashlee can put his final touches on them and I can finally call them done!

I am looking forward to this coming week and getting myself even more organized and back on track and finishing more projects!

Please feel free to comment with any suggestions on making myself even more organized and I would also love to know what you do to keep yourself motivated .

Thank you all for reading!!

Much love,



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