Smashlee Stitches Sunday. January 20, 2013

Its been a slow start to the year for Smashlee Stitches… I think Christmas took a lot out of me. It total for 2012 I knit 139 items for Smashlee stitches… That’s alot for one year, and that doesn’t include my personal knitting.

I have been taking it easy and looking back on 2012’s successes and lessons.  I am trying my best to learn from everything good and bad that happened,and most importantly move forward into my second year of business.

When you venture out on something new,  you really learn a lot about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. One thing that use to be my strength but, that I  lost touch with a few years ago, is time management and organization. I am a super creative person and my mind is constantly bursting with ideas and thoughts. It’s sort of like creativity is a drug for me. I hate mundane tasks and repetitiveness however, my creative soul thrives with schedule and routine. The part of brain that wants no rules and freedom strongly disagrees with any form of rigidness and scheduling and this is where my problem lies. We are now into the 3rd week in January and  I am not nearly as ahead of the game as I want to be. Not all of this is due to the war between my creative side and myorganized side , I do also have a very spirited two year old ,which depending on the day, can require a fair amount of Mommy time.

But, I think in moving forward with 2013 and my bucket list, I need to spend the next week to catch up on my knitting and making that flexible schedule and routine that I hate but, also secretly crave. So in the meantime, let me show you what I have made so far this year and with any luck  in my coming week I will be a little more organized and a little less crazy.

Beige uggs with suede bottoms
fuzzy slippers!!
Newborn Camo uggs with crochet ties
Brimmed flower hat
Blue Mukluks
Star Wars Strom Trooper toque
Mini-Smashlee modelling another brimmed hat
Blue and purple knit slippers

So, wish me luck with my routine and schedule making…and of course feel free to comment with any of your ideas or tips on how to make a creative person organized. I seriously need all the help I can get!

Thanks for reading!!



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