Dr. who?????

This past christmas my little brother , Ben ( not his real name, but this is what mini-smashlee calls him )  asked me to knit a Dr. Who scarf. This is something that was on my bucket list…so I gladly told him I would. It was a present for his roommate, so I told him FOR SURE I would have it done by the time he came down to celebrate the holidays with us.

This conversation happened months before christmas and after finding the perfect pattern I  decided if I knit so many rows per day I would get this scarf knit up way before the holidays even started. So off I went with my needles and my pattern and for about a month I was doing really well. Then one night, while watching “Superman III” ,I looked at Mr. Smashlee and said “Hey look at my scarf, its almost half done.” and the Mr. Smashlee dropped the bombshell that destroyed all my hard work. If this scarf was suppose to be like 10 feet long and I am half done, shouldn’t my scarf be 5 feet long currently? After he posed this question to me, I measured the scarf…it was 2.5 feet long and although my pattern said I was have done but clearly, I was only a quarter done.

Now , I know that at this point you a may have questions…so let me do a FAQ really quickly before I move on and explain what happened?

1. Didn’t you check you gauge?

Yup…I did.. and it was right on.

2.  Why weren’t you measuring as you went along?

Never occurred to me actually….

3. Do you not know the difference between 2 feet and 5 feet?

The short answer to this is no… I barely know my left from my right but, obviously if I sat down and thought about it , I am 5’2″ and the scarf was not even close to as tall as me. I should have figured this one out waaaaay before I did, but. as a knitter ( and actually just in general) I am not always rational and  I am more than just a little absence minded.

4. Did you cry, scream or throw things at Mr. Smashlee when you realized he was right?

I didn’t throw anything directly at him but,  I did throw my knitting on the floor and screamed AHHHH. Mr. Smashlee picked it up and told me to “just restart it” Thats when I walked away.

4.. Okay…so what happened then, why was it so short? Were you drunk the whole time?

nope…completely sober. I blame the pattern…and my lack of reading it.

The Dr. Who scarf has lots of colour changes and has a very specific order the colours must go in, and what shades they must be . There were many different versions of patterns for the Dr. Who scarf depending on what kind of yarn you were using. And when you actually look the pattern, it ‘s just a picture of the finished scarf and for each colour section there is a number of how many rows you knit. Perfect for me, because I am a visual person and instructions tend to confuse me ( obviously) and  I had failed to notice at the very top of the page, right below the gauge, it says ” measurements in garter ribs 2 rows each” .  so, that little number that was beside each colour didn’t mean how many rows to knit, it meant how many bumpy rows would appear on the right side of the work.  Hence, you should actually just double that number that was shown and that’s how many rows one had to knit to achieve porper Dr. who length for their scarf.

So, let me just say this… because I know  gauge checking is a big debate around the knitting world. and you either love doing it or avoid it. GAUGE DOESN’T MEAN S#*% IF YOU DONT READ YOUR PATTERN PROPERLY!!!!

So, yes,check your gauge, but also read your pattern, OUT LOUD!!!

It the end I frogged the whole scarf and started over.

Just before New Years Eve I finished the scarf….


It final measurements were just about 10 feet I think. So YAY me!

I am proud to say it is done!! and also that number 90 of the bucket list can now be scratched off.

I also realized something else today as I was looking through the bucket list. I completed another item as well… Number 97. Knit an infinity scarf.

It is for  a two year old but, it IS an infinity scarf…and currently I have orders for three more. Adult sized though… so…I am going to call this one done. Because technically I did it. even if it was for a toddler.

Mini Smashlee modelling mom’s hard work.
Hello number 97….you are now crossed off the list!

So as of right now, 3 items are done… that means on 97 more to go!!!

This week I will be looking over the scary task of re-reading my past few bucket list posts and see where I left off before the mad rush that was Christmas. I will be attempting for the third time to get those goals done!!

To check out my past bucket list posts you can go here… https://smashleestitches.wordpress.com/category/bucket-list-2/

Thank you so much for reading and as always, feel free to contact me through my websiteEtsy shop ,Facebook page or Twitter page .

Lots of love,



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