Smashlee Stitches Sunday November 18, 2012

So you may have notice that last week there was no Smashlee Stitches Sunday post. I was away visiting some family for the long weekend. We had a blast and it was so nice to get away for a few days. Also in that time I did some serious shopping…Yes, I bought yarn but, I swear I needed every ball of it to finish up my Christmas orders. Every single skein of yarn is spoken for. I’m quite proud of myself actually, considering that everything at michaels was on sale. Mini-Smashlee also needed a toddler bed, and since she is in love with the Disney movie Cars. We got her a Lighting Mcqueen bed. It has been sitting upstairs in a box. And later on today, we will be saying goodbye to crib and Hello to the big girl bed. In fact, Mr. Smashlee is setting her bed up right now… Looks like my little girl is growing up! Wish us luck tonight, as I have absoultely  no idea how this is going to go over!!!

Back to knitting…. here’s what I have busy making the last 2 weeks!

Smashlee Stitches Striped Child ugg like slippers with  suede bottoms
You may have a pair like this on my blog sa few months back. Here they are with a suede bottom.
 Smashlee Stitches Pet Sweater
Animals need to be warm too!! This was custom made for a cat, however Scooby doo loved modelling it!
Smashlee Stitches High Top Booties
How cute are these? High top sneaker like booties!
Smashlee Stitches Baby Cap
With the hat to match!!
Loving these colours!! This cap is so comfy!
Smashlee Stitches Rainbow Toddler Boots
These boots also have a suede bottom. I am in love with colours!
A while ago I literally had a dream about these boots. I was so happy when I got a chance to make them!
Mukluks seems to be my best seller this christmas. Its so fun thinking up different colour combos.
Smashlee Stitches Toddler Owl Hat
Fuzzy owl hat.
Not everyone likes a slipper that covers their ankle. These are perfect if you just want a basic slipper with no bulk.
Smashlee Stitches Frog Hat
An adorable child’s frog hat

That’s what I have been up to!

I am about 2 weeks away from my christmas order list being done! Then it will be all about holiday knitting and getting some of those items checked off my bucket list.

All of these projects as well as any from my websiteEtsy shop ,Facebook page or Twitter page can be custom ordered in any size or colour. For comments, inquires or if you just want to say hi!  you can email me at

Thanks so much reading and see you next week!!



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