ooh..only 99 goals left!!

Well, this week has been awesome! I have put a huge dent in my christmas order list. (As you will see below) but, more importantly I completed an item off my bucket list!!!!!

I have been teasing my followers on Facebook with this earlier in the week . Sooo, here it is…the goal I completed is….

#19. Be a test knitter

I got offered this opportunity while I was knitting a monkey hat. I had never knit a monkey before, so after a google images search, I made my own pattern and was happily knitting away.   Then the e-mail came through offering me a test knitting position for none other than a monkey hat. Obviously, I accepted and I must say,  test knitting is awesome!!   It basically means going through a pattern and checking for mistakes, and  take notes durning the your knitting of the pattern of any instructions you may not think are clear. Once done, you either have to send your item to the author of the pattern or e-mail a picture with measurements along with any notes or errors you spotted.  As a person who stores almost all my patterns in my head, or knits from images, I loved seeing the process is which a pattern is actually made.  I can read a pattern fairly well and I do use actual patterns often but, once I knit a pattern once or twice my head automatically stores in my brain and I can knit away using my memory.  I may very absent minded in a lot of my regular life, but I have mad pattern recognition and memorization skills. Anyways.  once you get into test knitting and are successful at it, you are then offered more and more opportunities.  And regardless of if I never test knit again… I now have only 99 more bucket list items to go!!!

Unfortunately. with regards to my other bucket list items, I have not accomplished much. However, If you have been reading my previous posts you do know I have been waiting on my art course assigment back from bucket list item #66 Finish Art Course. Earlier in the week, I did recieve my art course back and I recieved a B- . Not a bad mark at all But,  the assignments are getting hard… MUST STAY MOTIVATED…

That’s all I have to update now on the bucket list so, wanna see what I knit this week???



Smashlee Stitches Angry Birds hat
Every knitter who makes hats eventually will get asked to make an Angry bird hat…this is my version! Mr. Smashlee helped alot with this one!
Smashlee Stitches Knit Socks
Mens hand knit socks. They are so cozy.. I kinda wanna keep these for myself even though they are waaay too big for me 🙂


Smashlee Stitches Knit Socks
I love the bright vibrant colours.
Smashlee Stitches Pink Owl Hat
I will be making on of these for myself!!!!
This is monkey hat I was making before I got the test knitting opportunity. It is child size however, Mini Smashlee loved it so much she wore it around the house till bed time
Smashlee Stitches Scarf
A grey scarf, that is 5 feet long. I love this yarn!


All of these projects as well as any from my websiteEtsy shop ,Facebook page or Twitter page can be custom ordered in any size or colour. For comments, inquires or if you just want to say hi!  you can email me at smashleestitches@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!!!





5 thoughts on “ooh..only 99 goals left!!

    1. Best way I have found is to go on http://www.raverly.com and check out the groups and fourms. Usually there is postings for test knitters. Sometimes there is even groups set up for that purpose. You also can find the odd posting on Facebook fan pages of knitters as well. Or a plain old google search will give you some tips on test knitting . Eventually, I will be looking for test knitters. In the new year, I will be hopefully publishing some my patterns so, you can always check my Facebook page,twitter or blog for those opportunities 🙂 But, ya its really fun! and thanks for reading 🙂


      1. Okay, awesome! Thanks! I am definitely checking it out 🙂 And think of me when you may need a test knitter! I think it would be very fun, and I am enjoying your blog. I actually just started a bucket list of knitting- so I love reading about yours. 🙂 Keep up the good words!


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