Smashlee Stitches Sunday October 28, 2012

I am aware it is Monday. This post is a day late on purpose. I wanted to make sure the mittens I was knitting were done so I could say I finished everything on my list this week. Cheating? Kinda but, I make the rules so it’s all good!

Here’s what my BUSY week entailed…

Smashlee Stitches Knit Vest
Cozy and thick! Perfect for camping, or cold winter days!!
Smashlee Stitches Purple Mary Janes
I love the dark purple!
Smashlee Stitches Pink Mary Janes
The most popular colour for mary janes… That’s cuz pink rocks!!
Smashlee Stiches Winter Hat
It’s time for Toques!! (or if you not Canadian…winter hats!!!)
Knit Panda Slippers from Smashlee Stitches
These are so cute! I have a feeling these will become a best seller!
Brown knit slippers from Smashlee Stitches
Brown Mukluks….and ya, that’s snow in the background!
Smashlee Stitches Blue Mukluks
Mukluks in bright blue!
Blackhawks Knit Hat from Smashlee Stitches
Blackhawks Knit Beanie
Blackhawks Adult Mittens from Smashlee Stitches
Blackhawks Mittens…The reason the blog post is late 🙂

So, that’s alot of knitting in one week right?? Well, I just have to give a BIG shout out to Mr. Smashlee because without him I would not be able to do this. He is super supportive.  Right now he’s putting up with a less than clean house so I can get my Christmas orders done.  And he’s taking Mini-smashlee to play downstairs in our TV room so I can knit in peace.  While he’s down there watching Handy Manny, he’s sewing patches on hats and Panda eyes on slippers! I do think he’s looking forward for the christmas rush being over, In the meantime I’ll keep his favourite beer stocked in the fridge and maybe hire a maid.

A smashlee stitches Halloween
Smashlee, Mini-Smashlee and Mr. Smashlee ( Ernie Sweater hand knit by his lovely wife & he’s only worn it once…..)

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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