Finally….a bucket list post….

It has been way to long since I reported on my bucket list progress. Overall, this report card isn’t as successful as the last. I’ve has some tweaking to do in terms of what goals am I trying to accomplish so, I’m at a loss at wether to call these past few weeks a success or not.

First off lets start off with the goals I had started on in my last bucket list post.

Goal #3 Get Rid of Yarn Stash

I am still working on  step one ( organize stash) and step two ( enter stash on ravelry) at the same time.

Haven’t done much in regards to either of these steps. I haven’t bought yarn expect a few balls here or there because I needed them for a specific projects for some customers. But, I haven’t bought any for “personal” projects . I haven’t reduced my stash by too much, but I am using up stash yarn slowly. It’s almost exciting!

Goals for next week: Set aside 15 mins for each day in next weeks to detangle the yarn I still have in the scary ball of mess..and put away. Enter 4 balls a day into  ravelry. By next friday. 28 more balls should be added to my stash.

Goal #40 Use  Ravelry on a regualr basis.

Made it to day 9 out of 21 days I was suppose to log on consistently. I don’t know what happened on day 9 but, lets just chalk it up to being lazy. I broke the chain…21 days of doing something is soooo much harder than I thought. Guess it’s not easy starting a new habit.

Goals for next week: Start the 21 days of logging on all over again. By this time next week I will be on day 7.

As a reminder this is what I want to be doing when I log on

1. Follow  somebody or join a group

2.Contribute to a group post or blog.

3. Record my project I am working on.

4.  Update Stash, adding 4 balls of yarn until I am finished uploading all my stash on  Ravelry.

If you are a knitter or crocheter feel free to add me and check up on me , my user name is smashleestitches .

Goal #66 Finish Art Course.

I finished my assignment!!

This is my assignment… It has been mailed and currently I am waiting on my marks. Regardless of what those marks might be, I am so proud of myself! I have my next assignment already which is colour theory so I am very slowly working my may through that because, I won’t receive my next marks and materials and another assignment for another week.

Goals this week: Finish my colour theory lesson. (I am about half way done now)

Goal #72 Finish my Cousin’s Blanket!

So this is one is hiatus. My christmas orders for Smashlee Stitches has been slightly overwhelming and I am a little bit behind.  Until I am caught up, ( which probably wont be until christmas is over)… I have to not persue this goal.. My cousin knows and is completely understanding.  I did however, make her son a hat that I promised a year ago. So that’s something I guess.

For my cousin’s son! Finally.. a year later!

New goals:

#90. Knit an authentic Dr. Who Scarf. It’s like 12 feet long, all garter stitch.

I started this project because it’s  christmas gift and it’s a massive scarf!

Dr. Who Scarf

Goal deadline:  November 15 2012


1.Knit 25 rows a day!

Confused about what I’m talking about? Check out these pasts posts about my bucket list.

part one 1-25

part two 26-50

part three 51-75

part four 76-100

I will be back next week with some more progress hopefully!

Thanks for reading!!


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