Smashlee Stitches Sunday Oct 14, 2012

It’s Sunday again!!! I had my little brother , who is not so little anymore, visit for a few days and then celebrated Mini-Smashlee’s 2nd birthday this week. It was great but, the downside is that my routine is soooo off. I did get knitting done, but I am a few days behind on orders. That means I didn’t work on my bucket list at all this week so, that’s why the post I promised last week didn’t happen. I am slowly getting back into the groove of things…. However, let’s talk about what I DID do this week.

Smashlee Stitches Mittens
I loved making the mittens! It’s turning cold here in Canada . Winter is on its way!
Smashlee Stitches Toddler Mittens
Toddler mittens on a string. NHL retro team colours for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Smashlee Stitches Mittens 2
NHL toddler mittens. Chicago Blackhawks team colours.
Smashlee Stitches High Top booties
Camo high top baby booties.
Smashlee Stitches Camo uggs
Camouflage Ugg style booties for baby!

And…. Just for fun.. here is mini-Smashlee.

My little girl at 6 weeks old.
Mini-Smashlee celebrating her 2nd birthday.

whew…lots of pictures… Well I’ll be honest christmas is coming and my order list is getting long. I am so thankful for all the support everyone has shown me.  I will be trying my hardest to get back on my bucket list posts this week!!

In the meantime feel free to check out any of links below , I love hearing from my readers!

All of these projects as well as any from my websiteEtsy shop ,Facebook page or Twitter page can be custom ordered in any size or colour. For comments, inquires or if you just want to say hi!  you can email me at

Thanks for reading.



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