Smashlee Stitches Sunday Oct 7, 2012

Tomorrow in Canada we are celebrating Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was  never really was a massive deal to me until two years ago when Mini-Smashlee made her debut to the world on Canada’s turkey day . Now Thanksgiving reminds me of Mr. Smashlee driving down the highway at 160 km per hour ( the hostpial is 45 mins from where we live) and me screaming ‘Can’t you drive faster!! Don’t you know I am in pain here!!!” . Obviously, It also reminds me about all the stuff Im thankful for in life as well, like family ,  food, shelter, knitting, yarn, circular needles, google, yarn that sparkles,  you tube videos, hot pink yarn, and obviously my blog readers!!


This week has been super busy ( as you will see) so let’s get started.


Smashlee Stitches Turkey Hat
Yup…A knit turkey hat… great for all those little (or big) turkeys out there. I’m thinking Mr. Smashlee and Mini-Smashlee need these hats for Christmas.
Smashlee Stitches Ugg Slippers
By popular demand I made my purple fuzzy uggs in adult size!
Smashlee Mary Janes 1
Awww… how cute are these?
Smashlee Stitches Mjs 2
A must for any baby girls wardrobe.


A “DC Style” toque.
I love love love these… Pink and Black stripped girl slippers!!



See told you I was up to alot this week! This is why there was no Bucket list post this week…So busy! I promise to write one later on this week after I’m done spoiling Mini-Smashlee with cupcakes and presents!! Hey, you only turn 2 once right?!

In the meantime feel free to check out any of link below to get your Smashlee Stitches fix and Happy Thanksgiving!!

All of these projects as well as any from my websiteEtsy shop ,Facebook page or Twitter page can be custom order in any size or colour. For comments, inquires or if you just want to say hi!  you can email me at

Thanks for reading.




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