Smashlee Stitches Sunday September 30, 2012

So it’s 10:11pm on Sunday and just moments ago I was knitting away on my cousin blanket. Then it hit me! It’s Sunday and I have blog post to write!!

I knew today was blog post day but, I kept pushing away the thought throughout the day, telling myself I would write it once Mini- Smashlee went to bed. She went to bed two hours ago, Thank God the little voice in my head interrupted my quiet knitting night! My apologies for the late night post but, better late then never!

There’s not too much this week. I had a few projects I had to finish up. And then foolishly I started two more  that are added to long list of “Works In Progress”. I think I have like 10 now… I also had to re-start a slipper order I was working on today because, 10 rows from finishing the second slipper I realized they were one size too small.  Needless to say, I was pretty grumpy today! Don’t ask me what happened to the wrong size slippers. You don’t want to know….but, I will say it involved scissors.

Toddler Camo Hat
Smashlee Stitches Camo Hat
Ear flap toddler hat in Camouflage colours.
Women Ugg Style Slippers In Hot Pink
Pink Smashlee Stitches Uggs
I love love love these! They are so comfy and my favourite colour. It took everything in my to not steal these and give them to their rightful owner.
Owl Hats For The Whole FamilySmashlee Stitches Owl Hats
Owl Hats for everyone !! So cute and so comfy!

All of these projects as well as any from my websiteEtsy shop or Facebook page can be custom order in any size or colour. For comments, inquires or if you just want to say hi!  you can email me at

Oh ya…and I tweet too @smashleestitch

Thanks for reading and putting up with all my randomness!


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