Bucket List Week One Report Card

My first week certainly has had its up and downs with my respect to my Knitting Bucket List. I think overall it was a success and honestly It’s a great feeling to check thing off my list each day and know I have accomplished something.

Below is a detailed report of my “progress”

Goal #3 Get Rid of Yarn Stash

So I am currently working on step one ( organize stash) and step two ( enter stash on ravelry) at the same time.

Which regards to first step, it has been going pretty good. LOTS and LOTS of detangling going on though…

Currently, my stash is on the main floor of my house and it shares a cube bookcase with my daughters toys. There is also two big tubs of yarn, one with neutrals, and one with blue and greens. I am actually shocked I have so much blue and green. I am a girly girly when it come to colours, its pink all the way for me. Yet, I don’t have that much in the way of pink yarn. Is this because I knit alot with pink or is because for some reason I just don’t purchase pink yarn?

Hm…I will have to ponder this…

But, well I think of my reason behind the lack of pink yarn here is “proof” of the stash… but,before I show you the picture consider this warning. If knotted yarn in a big heap on the floor causes you massive aniexty, just scroll really fast past the pic.

There is a huge pile of tangled yarn on the floor that for the past week that I have been slowly untangling. It use to be twice that side, and had a clothes hanger, headphone and a knitting bag all mixed up in it.Remember last week, when I told  I would show you the good and bad? Well, this is the bad. Lesson learned though, first off, don’t throw random balls of yarn into a heap on the floor and expect it not to tangle. Second of all, don’t let a two year old play with it.

Smashlee Stash 2
See the big tangled mess on the floor…

In step two, I am recording each ball of yarn into Raverly’s stash function.  I have so far recorded 22 balls which is 7,716.5 yards of yarn or 23149ft 6in . Uh ya…That’s alot of yarn for just 22 balls.

Smashlee Stitches Stash1
Yup, this is where my yarn lives 

Goal #40 Use Ravelry on a regular basis.

This one has been pretty fun and fairly easy.  I am on day 7 of my 21 days of ravelry challenge. Found some great groups so far! A cartoon strip , A dr. who scarf group and even a get rid of your stash group!

If you are a knitter or crocheter feel free to add me, my user name is smashleestitches .

Goal #66 Finish Art Course.

Ok I’ll admit it. I am starting to remember why I started this course in the first place. Now that, I have a routine going I look forward to an hour a day of drawing. In fact ,as soon I am finished writing this I will be sitting down to start my assignment that I have to send in to be marked.

 Here’s a sample of what I have drawn so far this week.

Sneak Preview: The elf you see is actually part of goal #65  Design and knit the characters from my Dad’s book. When I was 9 my dad and I wrote a book called “The Night Before The Night Before Christmas Morning.” We self published it but, my goal is to re-publish the book and maybe add some knitted toys to go along with it.


Goal #72 Finish my Cousin’s Blanket!

Making good progress so far on this. However, two things I noticed,  I hate tucking my ends in and It needs to be wider….Image

I will not let the fact I need to at least double the size stop me though. I can do this… So revised deadline is now November 30, 2012.

If you would like to view my past bucket list posts check out my archive and thanks for reading!!



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