The Bucket List Goals In Progress….

So it is one thing to make a bucket list but, it is an entirely different challenge to actually accomplish what is on that bucket list. Over the past two months I have posted my knitting bucket list in four parts  ( Part one , Part Two, Part Three , Part Four ) that equals 100 goals that I would like achieve within my business Smashlee Stitches. I’m quite excited about this list and although it may not seem like it sometimes, I am actually a very organized person so, I will be attacking this list, systematically, a few goals at a time, until it’s finished.

Obviously, I will be blogging about my experiences but, I’m writing about it publicly for a few reasons.

First, It keeps me accountable. I don’t always know who reads this, you could be a family member, a friend, an enemy, a customer or a stranger  and because you took time out of your day to read this, I at least owe it to you to try an live out some of my dreams.  Basically, I’ve told the world my plans so, I better follow through with them!

Secondly, I want to be honest about my experiences with this. I have chosen a career with knitting, it’s not going to be easy. In fact, when I am asked   what I do for a living and I say “I knit!” I get some strange looks. It doesn’t matter so much to me what others think of my career ambitions or choices but, if I can be an inspiration to one person on this planet ( knitter or not) , I am happy! That means that on this blog,  I am not just  going to tell  you about when I achieve something great, but you will also read about when I screw up really bad. I hope that this experience is entertaining and that by showing everything, good and bad, I will help others realize that overnight successes don’t happen. It is  the constant daily work that  make our dreams come true, no matter what they are. That being said, let’s get going!!!

Behind the scenes at Smashlee Stitches headquarters.. AKA my dining room. Getting ready to blog!

I have read though my past bucket list posts and picked a few goals that I am going to focus on.

Here they are.

From Part one:

#3 Use up all the yarn in my knitting stash. 

This one is going to be hard… I have a love hate relationship with buying yarn. I like seeing the yarn in stores, I like touching it, smelling it, and imagining it all knit up . But, I don’t get a high from buying it. Crazy, I know!! (Fellow knitters please don’t disown me!)However, over the four years of my knitting experience I have built up a medium sized stash. Maybe, I am crazy, but, when I look at my stash, I just can’t help but think If this yarn doesn’t have a purpose and will not be used in my life time, why do I have it? It might just be the logical part of brain taking over from the creative part but, I shouldn’t buy anymore until I use up what I have. I know knitters and crochets joke all the time about being yarn addicts. I get it and I’ll even laugh along with them because I do understand why this happens. But for me personally, I think the high from using up my stash will be bigger and better than the yarn shopping high. However, this doesn’t mean I wont buy yarn, if I customer needs a bright yellow scarf and I don’t have yellow. I will buy some yarn, but I will only buy two balls, not 20.  That all being said, I know this isn’t going to be easy. I’m going against the grain on this one.  Has any knitter ever done this before? What happens when the yarn stash is gone?  Does the world end? Do you lose your credibility as a knitter or yarn addict? I’m willing to take the risk, take one for the team and find out what’s on the other side of the stash.

Goal deadline: 2 years from now… September 20, 2014.


1.Organize stash ( I have some serious detangling to do!)

2. Categorize it on  Ravelry enter 4 balls every day.

3. Use it up, and delete stash entries on raverly as required.

From Part Two:

#40. Use Ravelry on a regular basis.

Nifty Little site Ravelry is. It’s like facebook but, for knitters. As a person who uses a computer, Ipad and Iphone A LOT. I figure why not use raverly on a regualr basis too. It can open doors for me, answer questions, organize my stash , help me keep track of what I’m doing and  reach out to fellow knitters and crocheters.

Goal Deadline: well, there isn’t really one but, basically I’m trying to start a new habit so, starting tomorrow, Sept 21th, 2012. I will do 21 days ( cause that’s how long it takes to form new habits, apparently) of Ravelry usage.

First steps:  Make 21 day  Ravelry Chart ( I make lists for everything) and check off each day I have done the following actions

1. Follow  somebody or join a group

2.Contribute to a group post or blog.

3. Record my project I am working on.

4.  Update Stash, adding 4 balls of yarn until I am finished uploading all my stash on  Ravelry.

If you want to follow me on username is Smashleestitches

From Part Three:

#66. finish my art course

I have being enrolled in a correspondence Art course for  well over 3 years now. The course is only suppose to take a year but, for some reason I have a mental block and have had a very hard time moving forward with my lessons. I always wanted to be an artist. If  you had asked 3 year old Smashlee what she wanted to be when she grew up the answer would have been a cartoonist or fashion designer. I didn’t know about knitting then but,  I guess, now that I have knitting as a creative outlet, I let my artwork fall by the waste side.  I felt for a long time I didn’t need to finish the course. There was no point to me finishing it because, I didn’t see how it fit into my goals at the time. I  actually even tried to un-enroll myself but, the course administrators wouldn’t let me off the hook that easy.  My marks were too high and I had no actual reason for not wanting to continue. In fact, they gave me an extra two years to finish up . If I didn’t have this nagging feeling in my stomach that I need to complete this once and for all  I would have walked away despite what my teachers said. So, I am still hanging on “barely” to this dream.  I have 19 lessons left. That seems like a lot, but it is time I finished this!  I  don’t exactly know how or why I feel this way  but, some thing is telling me  if I  complete  this course  it will help me with Smashlee Stitches and knitting. I’m just trusting my gut. So here’s my plan of attack… oh but, one last thing… the lesson  I  am stuck on is “cartooning” ironic isn’t it?

Goal Deadline: Finish in by May 15, 2013.

First Steps:

1.  Spend one hour a day on assignment. Use a chart to mark my progress.

2. Finish Cartooning lesson.

#72. Finish my cousins blanket

Last year, I promised my Cousin a blanket…I have all the yarn and have started and re-started this blanket umpteen times. I am never satisfied with it. However, I have found a design I like and I have vowed to myself I am sticking to it.

Goal Deadline: November 1, 2012

First Steps: 20 squares plus border left to knit.

1. Complete a square a day. ( approx. 30 mins per square, sew together with other squares and tuck tails)

2. Deliver to Cousin so she can be warm for the winter.

Next week I will be back letting you know how I have been making out but, don’t forget about  Smashlee Stitches Sunday when I will be showing everyone what I knit this past week!

See you on Sunday and thanks so much for reading



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