Knitting Bucket List Part 4

So, we have come to the final stretch of my Smashlee Stitches bucket list.

The next bucket list post, I will picking one or two goals from my list, focusing on them and letting the world know my progress (or lack there of). This way , not only are my goals out there for everyone to see but, in a way, I’m being held accountable for finishing them! I hope everyone will join me on my knitting journey! If you have suggestions,comments or ideas please feel free to comment on this or any of my blog post! I love hearing from my readers.

To view the rest of list click on the links below.

part one 1-25

part two 26-50

part three 51-75

and now for Part Four

76. Knit a hot water bottle cover.

77. Crochet socks.

78. Sort all my current projects into bags with the all the yarn ,accessories and needles that are needed for that project.

79. Design a Fair Isle Pattern for a scarf.

80. Create my own sock pattern.

81. Make a tutu out of yarn. Sounds crazy but, trust me on this one..I have an idea…

82. Have a proper home office.

83. Have a pattern published in Knitty.

84. Have a pattern published in Knit Simple Magazine.

85. Have my products featured on the main page of Etsy.

86. Have my knitted garments in a fashion show.

87. Learn to Knook.

88. Learn Tunisian Crochet. Sort of like Knooking…but, different.

89. Use a turkish drop spindle.

90. Knit an authentic Dr. Who Scarf. It’s like 12 feet long, all garter stitch.

91. Learn to Loom knit. My mom tried this for a bit… looks interesting.

92. Knit Christmas stockings for my family.

93. Make an emergency knitting kit for my car. Seriously…I never have any scissors in my car and it drives me nuts!!

94. Knit a set of placemats.

95. Make my own line of knitting related greeting cards.

96. Design an award winning afghan.

97. Knit an infinity scarf.

98. Knit a monster pillow for myself. I knit these pillows for a customer and I love them so much that I need to knit one for mini-Smashlee’s room.

Revisable monster Pillows The Awake Side
The Monster are asleep.

99. Never stop learning and never give up.

100. Make a new bucket list.


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