Bucket list part 3

This is part 3 of my knitting bucket list!
Also,feel free to check out part one and part two.

51. Listen to all the knit picks podcasts. I am on episode 123 of 194. check it out here
52. Meet Kelley Pekten. For those who don’t know she is the owner of knit picks. I love what knit picks stands for and how they run their business. I am in love their yarn and their needles. Kelley is such an inspiration to me.

53. Learn to spin my own yarn.
And then….
54.Learn to dye my own yarn.
So eventually I can…
55. Have my own yarn line.
56. Master intarsia knitting
57.Meet the yarn harolt. She cracks me up.. Check out her books and blog here
58. Make my little brother a star wars themed blanket. He’s not really so little anymore but, he’s love star wars. Maybe if I get my butt in gear I could make this as his birthday or Christmas present.
59. Learn to double knit.
60. Knit my way through all the Elizabeth Zimmerman books. Why not learn from one of the best knitters out there.
61. Have my own podcast or contribute to one regularly.
62. Learn to duplicate stitch. I basically know how but, my skill in this could use some improvement.
63. Learn embroidery.
64. Knit a sock monkey.
65. Design and knit the characters from my Dad’s book. When I was 9 my dad and I wrote a book called “The Night Before The Night Before Christmas Morning.” We self published it but, my goal is to re-publish the book and maybe add some knitted toys to go along with it.

66. finish my art course. Currently I am enrolled in the Art Instruction school program. I’m about half way finished but, seriously I need to finish my course! ( I’ve been enrolled for about 3 years). I really think this course could help with designing knit wear, colour theory and maybe even goal number 65.

67. Yarn bomb something. What is yarn bombing?
68. Read through and knit eveyrything in Stitch London I am a massive fan of the uk.
69. Knit my own royal family. It only make sense to have the queen and company in my knit version of London. Knit your own royal wedding
70. Knit a version of the “Ernie” sweater for a child.

20120825-171955.jpg Son Of a Stitch and Bitch
71.Get my mom’s sweater knit by Christmas . I’m about 25 percent done so far.

72. Finish my cousins blanket…I’ve been working on it for a year now.
73. knit on every continent.
But first….
74. get my passport
75.Find a way to organize my DPNs and circular knitting needles.

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