Knitting Bucket List Part Two/ Smashlee Stitches Sunday

So this week, I went  to my in-laws for four days. I brought a lot of knitting with me in hopes of getting a ton done and starting some really fun projects. However, I must have been burnt out from last week  because nothing I knit was satisfying to me. I ended up frogging everything I worked on. So although this is only the second ever Smashlee Stitches Sunday, all I have to  post for this week is an owl hat.

Smashlee Stitches Owl Hat
This owl hat is child sized. Fitting ages 4-8.

So because of my lacking of posting for the week I have also included the second part to my bucket list. I totally intended to post this earlier in the week but, obviously I dropped the ball majorly  . Hopefully, this upcoming week I will find myself back on track!

Smashlee Stitches Bucket List Part 2

26. Teach a child to knit.

27. Read the all the knitting books on this site.

28. Finishing my  Christmas knitting on time, so I can actually give them as christmas gifts.

29. Take a tour of a major yarn company’s factory.

30. Have a Smashlee Stitches hand knit purse/bag line.

31. Make something besides scarves from ruffle yarn. Seriously, there must be another purpose for this yarn.. the scarves are cute but, I just wonder what else you make from it.

32. Knit my Dad a Star Trek sweater. Hopefully this will be his Christmas gift.

33. Knit some of the really cute patterns from Mochimochi land.

34. Attend an Interweave Knitting Lab.

35. Learn and study the history of knitting. I know its almost impossible to know who invented knitting but, its still worth it to try and find out how far it dates back.

36. Knit a wedding dress.

37.  Knit curtains.

38. Knit a sweater  that has a zipper.

39. Visit a sheep farm.

40. Use Raverly on a regular basis. My username is smashleestitches.

41. Go to a knitting conference.  Any of these would do

42. Write a stitchonary.

43. Knit my husband something he will actually wear on a regular basis. I refuse to believe in the boyfriend/sweater curse…

44. Learn magic loop.

45. do a knitting photo shoot

Use the money I make from knitting to do the following things….

46.  Buy a new mac.

47. Go to England.

48. Hire a maid.

49. Hire a gardener.

50. Buy a collection of  Barbie shoes from Town Shoes. I will never wear them  because I would fall over but, they are so pretty and I love Barbie..

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