Smashlee Stitches Sunday!

I spent today finishing up my weekly knitting orders. I knit ALOT this week and I figured hey, why not celebrate the end of the week by posting some pictures of what I have been up to! This led me to another thought.. why not do this every Sunday! So from now on look for a post from Smashlee Stitches on Sundays that will profile what I made that week. Of course, there will be other posts in the week about my various knitting adventures but, Sundays are going to be all about knitting projects.

If you want to keep in touch with me feel free to like my Facebook page or follow me on twitter @smashleestitch. (I often post my finished projects on there as well) And as always, check out for great knitted gift ideas or e-mail me at with any questions or comments!

Grey & Pink Beanie Smashlee Stitches
Grey beanie with pink strip. Adult sized $20
Smashlee Stitches Yellow CowlYellow Buttoned Cowl/Scarf $25 CAN
Pink Uggs Smashlee Stitches
These hot pink uggs are accented with a light pink trim. This pair is size kids 13-1 ($20 CAN)Smashlee Stitches Purple Uggs
This purple pair is accented with a light purple trim. Very cute present for any little girl! Size 13-1 $20 CAN
Smashlee Stitches Grey Mukluks
Grey Mukluk style slippers in ladies size 5/6 $20
Smashlee Stitches Purple Mukluks
Purple mukluk style slippers ladies size 5/6 $20 CAN
Light Pink Uggs Smashlee Stitches
Light Pink Uggs with fuzzy trim. 0-12 months $15 CAN
Smashlee Stitches Pink Uggs
Pink Uggs with Pink fuzzy trim. Size kids ( toddlers) 9-11. $20 CAN
Smashlee Stitches Purple Fuzzy Uggs
Sized Kids ( toddlers) 9-11 Purple with white fuzzy trim! So cute!!

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