My Knitting Bucket List Part One

So while I knit I like to listen to audiobooks. I usually listen to non-fiction books about personal success and growth , spirituality or business. I use sites like and to listen to my books. I like that I’m learning something and growing while I’m knitting. Multi-tasking at its finest.

In almost all the books I have been listening to recently I have found one reoccurring suggestion. Set goals! Make a bucket list, stick to it, break each item down to more obtainable goals so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming and most importantly just go for it.

Keeping this in mind, I FINALLY started to write my own knitting bucket list. I decided to come up with 100 goals and use it as a road map for my business. It is really difficult to write down 100 goals. Much harder than I thought, so that’s why this post is going to be split up into four posts of 25 goals each. (See, I’m learning already, break down the big scary goals into little ones !!)

I dream big, so to an outsider some of these might seem a little “out there”. But another thing I learned from my many hours of audiobooks is to forget fear and excuses, they are only there as road blocks. Get used to feeling uncomfortable,its part of the process. And dream big and dream often. However, here’s the hard part….Just because you dream about it doesn’t make it “happen”, you have to do the actions to make your dream a reality. Look towards the future and know you are going make mistakes , fail and probably make a few people mad but always remember, don’t give up!

So without further ado, here is the part one of the Smashlee Stitches bucket list.

  1. Finish my Daughter’s baby blanket. She is just about two years old and I started the blanket when I found out I was pregnant
  2. Knit myself a sweater I really love. Why is it knitting for ourselves is so hard?
  3. Use up all the yarn in my knitting stash. I don’t really know why this is goal but, I really want to say that I did this once in my life time.
  4. Write or contribute an article to a knitting magazine or newsletter
  5. Make enough money from knitting and knitting related activities to support my family finanically, which would allow my husband to quit his job and peruse his dreams.
  6. Contribute and donate knitting to various charities and people in need. This year Smashlee Stitches is donating purple hats to newborn babies, to help educate parents on shaken baby syndrome. Check out the project here However, I want Smashlee Stitches to reach everybody so, I would like to donate to homeless shelters, cancer centres, the red cross etc.
  7. Finish knitting all the stitches in the book “400 Knitting StitchesRight now, I’m on #73 I’m sewing them all together in an afghan.

    Pink and Blue Afghan
    Not a bad start…only 327 more squares to go!
  8. Get someone who is famous or a celebrity to own or buy something that I have knitted. Again, I don’t really know why this is a goal, but, It seems like it would be kinda cool.
  9. Write a book about knitting
  10. Knit a set of booties or slippers in all the NHL team colour. I’m not a big fan of hockey but, I am Canadian so, I always thought this would be an awesome idea. There is currently 30 teams ( I think) … I have already knit 6 booties in different team colours.

    NHL Team Slippers
    These NHL slippers are Vancouver Canucks Colours. Adult Women Sized 8-9. The first of many NHL themed knits from Smashlee Stitches
  11. Read, write reviews and make a master list of best knitting books out there.
  12. Publish a collection of original Smashlee Stitches patterns.
  13. Use Smashlee Stitches to be an inspiration to my daughter ,show her anything is possible and help her persue her dreams. Whether that means paying for her PHD in medicine or helping her write her own comic book.
  14. Have Smashlee Stitches grow big enough that I need at least one employee. I have always wanted to be a boss.
  15. Inspire and teach someone to knit.
  16. (this goes with #15) Learn to teach knitting and one day have online classes.
  17. Felt something!
  18. Own a complete…and I mean COMPLETE set of circular knitting needles in every size and lenghth. They all have to be the same brand.
  19. Be a test knitter
  20. Be part of a mystery knit along.
  21. Really try and learn to Crochet. Everyone says it easy, I’ve tried it and I’m horrible at it but, once upon a time I was really bad at casting on so…..
  22. Finished all my current UFO ( unfinished objects)
  23. Only have 5 projects on the go at once… KNITFreedom has a great article on this and why 5 is the magic number.
  24. Learn to spin.
  25. Own a yarn shop

4 thoughts on “My Knitting Bucket List Part One

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