Some thoughts on knitting patterns

I love knitting patterns. I love the pictures, how they are written, the designers, the terminology and I love reading them aloud.
My husband is a DJ and often will we talk and brainstorm out loud about our respective creative fields. Not so much to get ideas from each other , although that happens, but, more to hear our own voices and let be honest, its no fun talking to yourself.
There’s something about vocalizing our ideas that really help both of us sort out all the stuff in our head. Often, we will find solutions to our own problems without any help from the other person. We have had family members and friends witness this without really realizing what’s going on.
“wow, you guys really listen to each other.” they will often comment .I will just nod and smile in response to this because, deep down I know I succeeded in appearing to look interested in what my husband was saying. Inside though, I’m counting my stitches.(I’m always knitting while these conversations are taking place).

However, my hubby swears he listens to me when I ramble on about knitting I’m not sure if he actually does or if he is just protecting my sensitive soul, saying what I want hear and preventing a fight. But, It doesn’t really matter to me if he listens or not because he does let me ramble on for more time then I let him.

I’m not trying to be unsupportive by doing this I just have a really short attention span. He basically has 2- 5 minutes to say what he has to say before my mind wanders. If, lets say, it’s been about 10 minutes and I’m really started to get bored , I start to read my knitting patterns out loud. Usually short little blurbs at first and then I gradually increase the length as necessary until he gets the point.

The conversation usually goes something like this…
Hubs: ” blah, blah ,blah djing , blah blah, blah, serrato , blah blah blah $1500.”
Me: k2tog
Hubs: what?!
Me: never mind, just reading my pattern, go ahead continue…
Hubs: blah, blah, blah, then my Mac crashed, blah , blah blah, skrillex
Me: k2tog, k12 ssk k to end of row.
Hubs: blah blah blah then this got guy mad cause I wouldn’t play country blah blah blah
Me: what?! You didn’t get in a fight did you … Knit every row until your piece reaches 12 inches and then cast of 10 stitches
Hubs: no, I just told him the girls want to hear dub step …blah blah blah…ok babe, mind if I go upstairs and work on some music?
Me: *sighs loudly * okay , I’ll just stay here and knit.


wedding day
Mr. and Mrs. Smashlee

Anyway, this is just one reason I love knitting patterns. It’s my weird little coping mechanism for when things get boring but also, I love that essentially knitting patterns are a detailed solution to a problem.

Think about it, your head is cold ( the problem) and think a knitted hat would fix this. So, you go on google and search for hat patterns. You find a really cool pattern for beanie ( the solution) and you download said pattern and start to knit it. ( the detailed explanation) If you follow the detailed explanation to a tee, in theory, you should arrive the solution to your problem.
Now, I realize this doesn’t always happen, and its really not that black and white.
It’s not good enough for me to just know the answer to a problem , I need to know why that’s the answer to the problem . So I guess, whether there is an error in the pattern or not, I like trying to see if I can arrive at the same solution as the designer of the pattern did. It’s almost like my own little game. A game that I only win about half the time!
But lets say there is a flaw in the pattern and I happen to catch it AND figured it out , I totally feel like a genius. Maybe a frustrated genius but, a genius none the less.
What do you love or hate about knitting patterns? And what are some of your favorite knitting patterns? I need some new reading material !!!


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