I love boots!!!!

I have always loved “uggs”. I am not a high heel kind of girl. I  would fall on my face if I ever tried to walk in heels. I am all about comfort and causal. Even on my wedding day I couldn’t help but wear comfy shoes.

Smashlee  Stitches Wedding
My pink wedding uggs

When I started to knit all I wanted was a cool pattern for some “ugg” style slippers.
After some searching on Etsy I found a lovely and easy pattern by L’Oasi Della Maglia called
Spring Breath Booties . I love her patterns and totally admire her designing skills. I am such a newbie at designing, that I treasure those who can design well and try to learn  from their example.

With my “newbie” skills I did manage to alter her pattern slightly to add stripes, fuzzy tops and  sizes up to adult. You can see examples of this on my website www.smashleestitches.com where I do sell the finished slippers from $15 to $40 CAN depending on the size. Here are some of the booties I made this week using the Spring Breath pattern.

Purple and Green Fuzzy Uggs
These uggs are hand-knit in a bright green with a purple strip and white fuzzy trim.

The booties are matched with the Smashlee Stitches Snowball hat ( an original design by Smashlee Stitches) and would make a great baby or birthday gift . This set is $35 CAN and fits a 18-24 month old.
For NHL fans, I also make them in team colours. Here is the New Jersey Devils in newborn size. ( $15 CAN). You can view a photo of them on my Facebook Fan Page

What a cute set! A perfect gift for any little ( or big) girl. Prices start at $30 CAN for the hat and booties set ( prices vary with size)

For those new to Smashlee Stitches, all my products are customizable. I work with every customer to ensure you get the style, size and colour you are after.

The sky is the limit so please, don’t hesitate to email me at smashleestitches@gmail.com with your questions, comments or custom orders.

Thanks for reading!


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