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Welcome to the blog of Smashlee Stitches. I’m Ashlee (aka Smashlee) and I’m a knitter. Actually…I’m an obsessive knitter… and for a little over a year now I have been running my own knitting business . This blog will be about my successes and mishaps in the world of knitting and my life in general. It will also highlight what’s new on and hopefully offer a few laughs and a little inspiration to my readers.

First off though, let me explain a bit of who I am, how I got here and what Smashlee Stitches is.

In 2009, I moved from my hometown of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada to Elkford, British Columbia. Elkford is a SMALL mining town, and my then boyfriend (now husband) had taken a job as a haul truck driver at one of the local coal mines. Now, like I said , Elkford is small, so after a few months of living here I found myself getting a tiny bit bored and being “dragged” by a friend to a knitting class. You have to understand at this time, I had zero skills in the knitting department. I didn’t even know what a slip knot was let alone, how to make one. The teacher of the class would literally lose sleep over me because, I just couldn’t learn how to cast on the stitches. It didn’t matter how many time she showed me, It just didn’t make any sense.  However, by the end of that summer, I basically got the hang of it. I learned to knit but I also learned that If I really set my mind to something, I can do it, no matter how hard or hopeless it seems.

Through my first year of knitting I made a TON of mistakes…I knit backwards a lot…I sewed hats together the wrong way and I made scarves that had a tons of holes and dropped stitches in it. But, for  some reason I stuck with it and started to fall in love with the process of knitting.  Whenever a new knitter came into that knitting class ( now its more of club then a class) the teacher  always pointed in my direction and says ” if Ashlee can learn to knit, anybody can learn to knit.”  It really is laughable at how bad I  was at it. However, somewhere along the way I got better at knitting and my stuff stopped having holes in it and my alter ego “Smashlee” was born.

My family and friends started to ask if I could make them scarves and hats.  I eagerly knit whatever I could for them and posted pictures of my finished stuff online. Out of this, a website and Facebook page was created as a way to show off what I loved and without much warning  it threw me into the scary world of entrepreneurship. I feel so blessed to live in an era where we are connected, no matter how far away we are.  Doing what you love as a career is starting to be encouraged and respected as a way of life. This makes starting something like a knitting business a goal that can actually be obtainable.

Like I said before, Smashlee Stitches is a knitting business. I mostly make custom items like sweaters or slippers but, what I make is mostly up to customer. I am always looking for new ideas and inspirations. When you order or buy products  from Smashlee Stitches you can be expected to be treated like a person and more importantly a friend. I will not just listen to your ideas of what you want you sweater, slipper, scarf or hat to look like but, I’ll let you be part of the process. I like to be in contact with my customers while I’m making their items just to make sure we are on the same page with our ideas of how their item is going to turn out.  I want my customers love what they are wearing as much as I love making it for them.

They say everyone has a purpose, mine is to knit. I love what I do and I hope that shows in my work. Smashlee Stitches isn’t just about customers…if you love to knit, yarn or just find me interesting feel free to subscribe to this blog and/or check out the links below.

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